Barbaros Motor Office Sinop

Barbaros Motor manufactures and exports, dairy, farm, livestock, and agricultural machineries and equipment. And it is the leading manufacturer in the market. Its production fields are considerably large in terms of production technologies.

It has an unprecedented product range in the market and produces all of its products in its own production facilities.

National and International Trademark registrations, patents and utility models are available.

Currently exports more than 80 countries all around the world.

Barbaros Motor is the dominant company in the group of companies, and it is the manufacturer of all product groups. And it realizes all export operations from Sinop, TURKEY.


Partnership structure and management group

The sole owner of dominant company and other companies is Mr. Barbaros Ozer.

Members of our board of directors are Chairman of the board Mr. Barbaros Ozer, board member Mrs. Fatma Sefika Ozer, board member Mr. Eser Okan.


Barbaros Motor has been giving service since 1971. At the most beginning, it started as OZER TICARET to trading life.

From 1994 till 2018 it acted as BARBAROS OZER-BARBAROS MOTOR.

Dated on 2008 it established BARBAROS MOTOR MAKINA SAN IC VE DIS TIC LTD STI to enhance its export fields. During ongoing period, it merged the two companies at the end of 2018 year.

And right now, it keeps on its acts as BARBAROS MOTOR MAKINA SAN IC VE DIS TIC LTD STI.

Since March 2020, our company starts giving service as OOO BARBAROS MAKINA from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, too.

And, as the mother company, Barbaros has established REDBEARD MACHINERY LLC in Chicago, Illinois on February,2022.